Breck Construction provides the supply, removal and installation of HVAC ducting, architectural,  exterior building envelope of multiple Roofing and exterior walls systems.

Breck Construction has maintenance contracts and performs capital work with several oil and gas, mining, chemical, cement, power generation and ethanol type plants and processing facilities and has upheld a rigorous standard for it’s work in all environments. When we are your industrial or commercial contractor, we work with you to handle all projects that come our way. Our goal is to maximize efficiency on every site.


Services Include


Mechanical system duct design in commercial and industrial buildings


Installation, replacements and repairs on exhaust and ventilation systems


Siding, roof ventilation, heating and cooling unit installation and replacement


Custom fabricated flashings, curbs, ducting and fittings


Boiler maintenance, shutdowns and replacement

Safety is our first priority. Breck Construction management is diligent in safety certification, training, and implementation on each worksite. Our goal is to send our team and yours home safe every night.

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