MechanicalContracting Services


Breck Construction puts their long experience on industrial sites to work for you, planning, designing and overseeing multiple projects, including:

Full Service

HVAC design, installation, and maintenance

Boiler maintenance, shutdown, and emergency repairs

Structural steel fabrication and installation


Building rehabilitation and expansion

Expansions and upgrades to existing equipment, and processes

Breck Construction's unique hiring and training structure sets us apart from our competition on all our industrial contracts. We strive to hire local, invest in training and productivity management, and equip our project managers with the skills they need to increase efficiency and find workable solutions to your needs.

We take the time to learn what you need, not just today, but to build for the future. By taking the long view of your equipment, your buildings, and your industry, we bring better design solutions to the table.

Breck Construction is the reliable industrial contractor and partner you need to keep your industrial facility current, safe and well managed for the long term.

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