Industrial Contractors

Committed to Community


Success Through Support

At Breck Construction, we know that our success is due in large part to the support of the communities in which we work. That's why we're committed to supporting important causes to show our gratitude.


Each year, we contribute a percentage of pre-tax profits to many worthy causes. We consider it our privilege and our duty to support organizations that benefit cancer research, encourage youth athletics, and promote higher learning.



Breck is proud to be the annual title sponsor for the Mandi Schwartz run, a charitable event that raises funds to increase awareness for bone marrow donations, the Cancer Society, and a memorial bursary at Notre Dame College.



Each year we support educational facilities (SIIT, U of S, and trade schools), health centers, youth sports groups, and social aid agencies. Breck has also initiated a program to provide apprenticeship opportunities in our schools to engage youth in the trades.

Aboriginal Youth Apprenticeship

In response to the growing need for skilled workers and recognizing the importance of fostering talent within indigenous communities, Breck Construction has evolved its engagement approach. While no longer partnering with E.D. Feehan, Breck is committed to making a positive impact by volunteering time with local high schools and educational programs like the SIIT and other local colleges and bands. The company provides invaluable mentorship and training by assigning Journeyman tradesmen to work directly with students. The focus is predominantly on scaffolding and carpentry trades, aligning with Breck's extensive knowledge of industrial settings.

The hands-on learning experience has shifted to align with specific projects at the schools, allowing students to acquire practical skills directly applicable to their coursework. Breck Construction emphasizes safety protocols and imparts trade knowledge, preparing students for real-world scenarios.

Breck actively identifies potential workers within the program and encourages them to pursue careers in the trades. Post-graduation, the company offers ongoing mentorship and support by providing entry-level positions within the company and the opportunity to explore various trades. Breck's self-performance of multiple trades, from scaffolding to pipefitting, allows individuals to discover and specialize in areas of interest. This comprehensive approach not only addresses the shortage of skilled workers but also nurtures the growth and development of indigenous youth within the construction industry."


We have been honoured to be sponsors for our local sports teams as well as a number of fundraising efforts to support the bone marrow registry and cancer research.

We have committed our funds on an on-going basis to the same organizations to show our continued commitment as responsible corporate partners in their success.